Local 10-4

Do you deliver food, packages, and other goods for an app-based service? Join Gig Workers United, Local 10-4. We are a community union supported by the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW), which represents many couriers from every major company. United together as workers our voices are stronger!

How to get involved

  • Attend one of our regular membership meetings, skills workshops or know-your-rights workshops
  • Join a committee and help reach other workers to organize for change
  • Plan future actions and demonstrations
  • Social events and community supports
  • Worker-to-worker support for issues your facing
Gig Workers United

Gig Workers United

Gig Workers United, supported by the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW), is both full-time and part-time delivery app couriers; racialized and migrant workers; women and trans people; international students; and people with families. We are organizing for the transparent pay, livable wages, improved health and safety conditions, and labour protections we deserve.

As Foodsters United, we won the precedent-setting right to unionize at the Ontario Labour Relations Board, and 89 percent of Foodora couriers voted YES to a union! After Foodora declared bankruptcy in Canada in the middle of a global pandemic, our organizing won a historic $3.46-million settlement that went to all Canadian couriers displaced by the company’s decision, not just union couriers.

We’ve shown that gig workers can WIN the fight for better working conditions. As Gig Workers United, workers on all apps, we are bigger, stronger, and will achieve more. We are making history by standing up to all apps with a union that is directed by YOU.

Want to join other gig workers building a community union to fight for labour rights and protections? Together, we can fight for — and win — the workplace we deserve.

Our Community Union: Building a movement to win

Gig Workers United 10-4 is a community union in a labour partnership with the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW). Gig workers struggle side by side with CUPW to improve the conditions for workers in the gig economy and to engage in political actions.

We seek to build power by organizing a community for couriers that is democratically led by couriers; we have each other's backs and we make the decisions! We’re not here to cut easy deals with bosses that don’t actually improve conditions for workers. We’re here to win the rights we should be entitled to and for too long have been deprived of. Whether we’re building power to unionize and collectively bargain with one of the app employers, or scaling-up our organizing to challenge the economic, housing, food and immigration injustice that gig workers live under, it is about building the power to win real and tangible gains for workers.

Migrant workers, women and trans people, and racialized people are disproportionately affected the exploitative working conditions in the gig economy. As a union and a community, we intentionally uplift precarious workers to be leaders in our union. We acknowledge that a worker is anyone who completes deliveries on an app platform; whether they do that on their own account— or someone else’s. All of you may claim space within our union.

Community organizing is central to challenging the precariousness of our workplace and the resulting instability of our economic, immigration, and social positions in Canada. Around the world, gig workers are organizing in creative and inspiring ways - Gig Workers United is part of that movement for change.

In an increasingly isolating workplace and world, we know that we are strong because workers, like you, are part of our organization. All of us have experiences, knowledge, and a voice that matters to our union and our collective future. Connecting with our fellow workers by riding/walking/driving the streets of our cities, by working within the steward system of our union, or participating in committees; is the greatest joy of our work. This joy is also our power. As we build our union we cultivate a place where we all belong, and with this power, we will win our rights.

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