Solidarity is Delicious

Join the Gig Workers United Outreach Support Squad!

When you order app food delivery, you can directly support your courier and connect them with the union!
Help us reach out to more app-based workers. Talking to your delivery worker about Gig Workers United is a way to counter the inhumane conditions they work under, and to validate the importance of uniting with other workers in their struggle. Thank you for your solidarity! It’s simple – and should be fun!

Step-by-step guide to participate in Order-in-days

1. Register with Gig Workers United
  • Let us know you are joining the crew, and we will send additional information: [email protected]
2. Prep
3. Order
  • Make sure to tip your courier and write a comment in your order saying “I support Gig Workers United!”
4. Make Contact
  • You’ll be close enough to the courier to have a conversation; please wear a mask!
  • When your gig worker arrives, talk to them about the union. If they are already a member, great! Talk about why you support them. If they aren’t a member yet, talk to them about their work issues, and how they can join Gig Workers United!
  • If they’re in a rush, tell them they can get in touch with Gig Workers United at [email protected], and join with the QR code on the attached card:
  • Take down the courier’s name and phone number. Send that info to [email protected] so we can follow up.

How to talk to your gig worker:

  • Introduce yourself, say that you are a supporter of the Gig Workers United Campaign
  • Strike up a conversation: ‘How has your shift been?’; ‘What’s the lowest order you’ve ever accepted?’; ‘Have you noticed the pay has gone down?’; ‘Do you ever worry about getting injured?’
  • If they haven’t heard of the campaign, you can say something like ‘your fellow gig workers are organizing a union to win transparent pay and livable wages, health and safety protections, and workers rights from apps. I’m a customer and I’m really excited about it!’ Tell them why!
  • If they are in a rush (time=money for gig workers), make sure to grab their contact info and give them the flyer
  • If they are anti-union: that’s ok, don’t dismiss it. Ask if they have any issues with their work, and if so how would they want to make it better? (Please don’t engage in a fight)
  • Thank them and wish them well on their shift!

Enjoy your delivery! Thanks so much for your support!

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